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UltraNative, the Origin of a Contemporary Sign


UltraNative, the Origin of a Contemporary Sign

This year G.T.Design presents an installation centered on the dynamic and creative power of design. A pure language is released from the dialogue between matter, shape and space, with a return to the original cipher that is also highly innovative and contemporary.

There is a return to primordial and ancestral sentiments that interpret Deanna Comellini’s abstract design language. It reacts and returns to us matter and substance that hang in alchemical equilibrium with space; it always interacts, interfaces and listens carefully to the forces of nature

This exciting event will take a closer look at an extraordinary vocation; it will attempt to define the contemporary rug that has epitomized the brand created by designer Comellini and by Michele Preti, capitalizing on more than forty years of history and success. On the one hand, these textile surfaces condense research developed along consolidated pioneering tracks – for example, the use of yarns and original procedures, reflections on natural fibers or the techniques of hand-painting; on the other, they explore new boundaries, such as digital printing, to give rise to a wide range of diverse expressive languages.

Press preview April 16 | 10am - 8pm

Activities schedule

April 17
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
18:00 — 20:00 Cocktail party
April 18
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
18:00 — 20:00 Cocktail party
April 19
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
18:00 — 20:00 Cocktail party
April 20
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 21
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
April 22
10:00 — 18:00 Exhibition

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With its 40 years of history and expertise in creating designer rugs using high-quality fibers and techniques, G.T.Design boasts an extraordinary catalog of high-end rugs; the richness and variation of which showcases the product’s quality and artistic creativity.


Corso Garibaldi, 34

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