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Kartell by Laufen Flagship Store

Via Pontaccio, 10

Oradi di apertura

Durante l'anno:
Mon- Sat: 10:00am – 7:00pm


+39 02 89091526

Kartell by Laufen Flagship Store

Kartell and Laufen have found in each other the perfect partner. With Kartell’s desire to enter the world of bathrooms and Laufen’s desire to expose its brand and products to an exciting new audience beyond the world of design, they have come together in a ”royal” wedding. These complementary companies put their passion for innovation at the heart of everything that they do.Together they have given life to this project, bringing a new and innovative concept for the bathroom to the international market. A collaboration is a labour of love, but it also has its challenges. That is why a lot start but only the best last. We began our journey three years ago, coming together to identify our common aims. In the last year and a half the relationship has become more intense. Through our regular meetings we have learnt a lot about each other, at each turn finding points of confrontation that have pushed us to new possibilities. Dialog and collaboration are the two ingredients of our great partnership. The demanding process of coming together has and continues to be one of great emotion, resulting in the development of exciting, quality, new products. Kartell and Laufen’s partnership is an example that sometimes 1+1 equals more than 2. Collaborations are always a challenge, requiring intelligence and vision to achieve success. Only select companies are able to do this. You have found two right here.


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