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Swiss Krono AG moves mountains

Piazza XXV Aprile
Piazza XXV Aprile

The Milanese should be prepared to see a new skyline for a few days, as a Swiss mountain is going to rise downtown

At Fuorisalone 2018, Michela Muntean, sales director, Italy, SWISS KRONO AG, presents an exhibit of the representation of one of the most iconic Swiss mountains, the Matterhorn. Author of the project is the eclectic architect Fabio Rotella.

“INSIDE is an art installation that represents the relationship between nature, people and living beings, contextualized in the new millennium.
A mountain in the city, a visual short-circuit made of sections that build up the jagged image of a mountain, the Matterhorn, revealed through its own shape.
The decomposed image of the mountain intersects with the skyline of the city, an element that turns into a call, an oneiric game that attracts you into a center where you can experience an environment, a metaphor of the nucleus as a cure-all, a harmony of senses, emotions and well-being experience.”

Entirely made of SwissCDF, a fully eco-compatible material, the installation invites to ponder on the relationship between industrial production and planet safeguard, a key issue for the ethos of the Swiss company.
The SwissCDF panels will be embellished by the new CamuStyle TX finishing, with its texture inspired to classical construction and interior design materials (concrete, textiles and steel), and CamuStyle ZX, inspired by one of the most powerful elements in nature: thunderbolt, a decorative element that characterizes the entire collection.

INSIDE, an installation for the city, is a structural element that invades the square and urges to think about sustainability in interior design.


Piazza XXV Aprile

Piazza XXV Aprile
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