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Timberland presents Don’t call me... Dafne


After the debut of the last edition with the artwork “The Flexible Living” of Matteo Cibic, Timberland is ready to amaze again with a new and interesting collaboration. Elena Salmistraro is the creative mind behind the artwork “Don’t call me… Dafne” and the new voice of the “Don’t Call me” Timberland campaign.

A tree, the oak, symbol of sacredness, perfection, energy and life, and, since its beginnings, also the recognized and much coveted Timberland logo. This is the subject that Elena reinterprets with her emotional language in an interactive installation with a “beating heart” that aims to seduce and embrace those who interact with it.

The tree, called Daphne after the Greek nymph – but I’ll recommend you, don’t call it like that! – represent a sort of “Mother Nature”, who protects and welcomes as a woman knows how, embodying the brand’s spirit and desire to produce footwear collections designed for women and their world.

In this way, Timberland’s female universe breaks free from stereotyping and pigeonholing, to become a tree trunk with a sinuous feminine silhouette in the soft colours from the new collection. On its majestic slender branches hang 4 big acorn-shaped seats, ready to welcome, cosy up and protect visitors of Design Week, cradling them gently in a cocoon effect.

At first sight the artwork may seems like a simple tree but don’t be fooled: hugging the log, it comes to life revealing his heartbeat, and at night it’s light up thanks to the intensity of the hugs.
An intense experience to try! Artwork reveal’s event: Tuesday 17th April - Piazza XXV Aprile -  9:00 pm 

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April 17
19:30 — 00:00 Exhibition
April 18
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April 19
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April 20
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April 21
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April 22
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Don't call me ... Dafne Installazione
Piazza XXV Aprile

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