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San Marco Project: dOT & ABLE TO


San Marco Project: DOT & ABLE TO

 SAN MARCO PROJECT is an event created to enhance the value of the church of San Marco in Brera, by involving the piazza and the cloister.

From 17 to 22 April, Piazza San Marco will transform into a thriving urban garden thanks to dOT: Design Outdoor Taste, the outdoor event of the Fuori Salone, and the cloister will host ABLE TO, a reflection upon the relationship between art and design with a selection of furniture, objects, materials and stories.


The historic piazza S. Marco in Brera will transform into a lively urban garden focused on outdoor living, design & lifestyle thanks to the dOT event.

A selection of prestigious brands of furniture, pavings, conservatories, vases and champagne, together with a dynamic, artistic installation, will make dOT an oasis of health, liveliness and charme.

The mood of the 2018 edition will be ‘Water and the Mediterranean’, that will be represented by a signature Spa and a wide selection of plants typical of the Mediterranean landscape.

In the heart of the Brera District a sparkling urban garden will come into bloom with elegant indoor&outdoor atmospheres and a mosaic of settings for the outdoor. From the petit-déjeuner sur l’herbe to the metropolitan pic-nic, from a light snack in the woods to a party in a greenhouse, from a tailor-made dehor to a personal eden, dOT is a stylish and smart proposal of outdoor conviviality and living that is both fashionable and an actual answer to the need for a new lifestyle in search of leisure, beauty and contact with nature.

A lifestyle that brings comfort, quality and the aesthetics of interior design outside, by putting indoor&outdoor in contact.


ABLE TO design + art by T’ABLE presents artifacts that show the paths and horizons of a know-how that has its roots in the culture of the territory and in its connection to innovation, technology, experimentation, design and artistic research.

The historical cloister of the San Marco church will transform into a gallery of ideas, art-and-craft solutions and experiments on shapes and materials that become a stimulus for research and production. In this context, furniture, objects and accessories celebrate ability finalized to creativity.

Activities schedule

April 17
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: Complimentary drink tasting all day.
16:00 — 19:00 Show - Jacuzzi: demonstration in the pool with athletes of the Italian Swimming Federation.
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.
April 18
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Emu: evening open to invited guests and press only.
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Jacuzzi: evening aperitif open to invited guests and press only.
April 19
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 18:00 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.
18:00 — 23:30 Cocktail party - Cedral Tassoni:complimentary cocktails tasting.
April 20
11:00 — 18:00 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.
18:00 — 23:30 Private party - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
18:30 — 23:30 Meeting - Lissone Città del Design promotes the meeting of institutions and exhibitors in the furniture and wood industries of Brianza. Follows cocktail party.
April 21
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
16:00 — 19:00 Show - Jacuzzi: evening aperitif open to invited guests and press only.
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.
21:00 — 23:30 Show - Fase Hobart: live music.
22:00 — 23:30 Presentation - None
April 22
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
17:30 — 23:30 Presentation - Olio ROI: tasting.

& companies

100x100 Group - Bonetto 1968

Experimentation, comfort, ease of assembly, and style: the 1968 Bonetto Collection, the result of inspiration by Beniamino Bonetto, is back in homes thanks to collaboration between 100x100 Group and Bonetto 1968.

100x100 Group - HET - beMAJIDA

100x100 Group, a leading furnishing manufacturer, promotes the production and distribution of innovative concepts, typified by products that are all about uniqueness, quality and ethical value.

13 Ricrea sas di A. Mensi & C.

For 10 years, 13Ricrea by Angela Mensi has been collecting unusable materials from industrial and handcraft processes, which people often underestimate and define as waste, in order to create new, hilarious and sometimes technically extravagant or extraordinary objects.

ABLE TO design + art

ABLE TO design + art by T’ABLE presents artifacts that show the paths and horizons of a know-how that has its roots in the culture of the territory. The historical cloister of the San Marco church will host experimentations on shapes and materials that celebrate ability finalized to creativity.


AcusticaA is the armchair created for multisensorial stimulation and psychophysical wellbeing: its technologically advanced system turns acoustic waves into vibrations. The bed armchair has been designed by thinking of an acoustic guitar that follows the shape of the human body.


ADRIANA LOHMANN is a Lighting Designer and producer of glamorous, eco-sustainable chandeliers. A “dressmaker” of light, born from the fashion industry, bio-design and reuse of materials.

Alfier Glasstudio

Alchemy of materials: metals, 24k gold leaf, and filigree used with elegance and attention to colour details. A new look for Murano glass.


Over one hundred projects for redevelopment of villages and city districts of historical and artistic importance. The plaster on the walls of the cloister of the church of San Marco has also been repainted, in its original colours. The product used is an anti-pollution, self-cleaning.

Cedral Tassoni S.p.A.

Worldwide, Cedral Tassoni is one of the few industrial operators that directly produces its aromas, constantly checking the supply chain, from the selection of fruit in the preparation of flavourings, to bottling the finished product, a guarantee of quality.

Ceramiche Refin

OUT2.0 is the 2 cm thick porcelain tile in porcelain stoneware, the outcome of Refin research in the outdoor sector that combines long-lasting performance and looks.

CE.SI. Ceramica di Sirone S.r.l.

For more than 60 years CE.SI. has been inventing, planning and producing high quality ceramic tiles, valued worldwide and able to satisfy the most demanding client. The wide variety of sizes, colours and finishings offers endless combinations and interesting solutions.


CORO came into being at the end of 2002 with the aim of making a place for itself in the outdoor furniture design market. The impact of CORO’ s presentation to the press was immediately positive, the quality of the imaging and the expression of the company philosophy receiving universal applause.

Corradi srl

A long way from the small artisanal workshop of 1978 to today's factory, Corradi srl uses the best production technologies that allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces as much as possible. The first to patent the product that embodies the perfect combination of a pergola and a sun shade.

Davide Medri SAS

DAVIDEMEDRI srl was established in 1997 as an arts lab specialised in the design and the artisanal creation of art works and modern design elements in silver and gold leaf glass mosaics and colored glass mosaics.

DOT design, outdoor, taste

The DOT: Design Outdoor Taste project aims at giving a peculiar emphasis on outdoor furniture companies. Studio VG Crea will create exceptional settings that will coordinate and blend the selection of furniture and ornaments of the participating brands.

èLUNAPIENA di Fusaro Mario srl

èLUNAPIENA is the landmark for your design planters, handcrafted and tailored. We produce high quality planters in any form and dimension, with metallic materials like aluminium, steel and corten steel, all materials very resistant and durable.

EMU Group S.p.A.

Since 1951, EMU brings the Italian culture of open-air living to the world, producing outdoor signature furniture that combine tradition, technological innovation and quality.

0039 075 874021

EN SPACE network

EN Space is a network of professionals engaged in the field of architecture, design and landscape. Through event programming and activity planning it qualifies as an excellent interface between institutions, organizations, companies and designers.


Our group has been operative since 1998 in the coffee distribution field. Since 2002 it has been involved in managing the historic Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires. Opened in 1909, from the very beginning it has delighted the Milanese with its intense flavoured and 100% italian quality coffee.

Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica is a company that for over 60 years has been working in the field of private, industrial building and architecture, the company is renowned for its high degree of specialization and innovation of the proposed solutions.

Giambò Piante di Vito Giambò

1.500.000 OF PLANTS, THE LARGEST PRODUCTION OF ORNAMENTAL CITRUS CULTIVATED IN POT! The company “Giambo’ Piante”, in the Northern coast of Sicily since 1980, covers an area of 170 square meters. It represents an important reality in the Sicilian, International and European Nursery-Garden Market.

Gruppo Giardini

Gruppo Giardini was born in 1986 by the vision and will of its founder, Alessandro De Francesco, and it specializes in design, construction and maintenance of luxury gardens in the world. .From the choice of botanical essences to highly technological irrigation systems.

IPM Italia Srl

IPM Italia since 1981 works in production and laying of resin floorings, thanks to the Know How building during the years the company results today a leader of the sector. IPM Italia is able to realize high performance solutions for every commodity sector.

Italgraniti Group Spa

Outfloor20 is the Italgraniti project of outdoor porcelain stoneware floors, suitable for all types of outdoor solutions such as gardens, terraces, swimming pools, courtyards, bars and restaurants, thanks to the use of peerless durability and resistance.

Jacuzzi Europe Spa

Invented in 1956 by the Jacuzzi brothers, the original hydrotherapy jet became the starting point for an entire industry. Fast forward to today and Jacuzzi® is a brand known worldwide for developing innovative and leading wellness products including hot tubs, whirlpool baths, saunas and showers.


The ceramic Artwork collection, designed by Fabrizio Batoni, is a range of sanitary ware that dialogues with art to elaborate new visions, hinting at different identities for this company.


Kostplant was born in 2007 after 25 years of expertise from an idea of the CEO Costantino Zazzera. Moral fiber, passion and attention to detail have determined a constant growth and the development of a unique identity within the vast world of floriculture.

Lafuma Mobilier sas

Lafuma designs, develops and manufactures outdoor furniture for every relaxing moment both at home and in the great outdoors. All of its products can be distinguished by its patented folding system, its amazing lightness, its ease of use and minimal storage footprint.

La Murrina

La Murrina is a symbol of excellence in furniture and design with unique glass products “Made in Murano”. Thanks to its strong roots and high artisan skills, the company operates in the high-end market combining tradition, design and technology.

Lissone Città del Design

Brianza, the production and creative design district, is a territorial system that represents the “knowledge and knowhow” of the wood and furnishings supply chain. A story told by articles, semi-finished products, ideas, and design pieces, and example of the real sense of man’s labour.

L'Officina dei Giardini srl

L'Officina dei Giardini, is the Italian leader in the creation of conservatories, pavilions and special accessories for the garden furniture. Its creations have been published in the best interior design, architecture and lifestyle magazines.

Mafi Italia srl

Mafi stands for a family business that offers as much natural as innovative natural wooden floors. Mafi has, for generations, produced natural wood floors exclusively in Austria, ecologically perfect, tailor-made for each client, based on nature, with more people than machines, and within four days.

Nicoli SRL

Nicoli srl has been working since more than 35 years together with professional gardeners to develop a wide range of modern and functional items, manufactured by us in Italy with cutting-edge moulding technologies that combines precision and production quality while protecting the environment.


LED lighting systems that stimulate the sensorial experience, for splitting up and expanding the colour spectrum of the light.


Roi is a small producer that offers extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, the result of a careful yearly selection of the best Taggiasca olives. The olive mill is surrounded by the colours and smells of the valley Argentina, inland from Sanremo, Riviera Ligure di Ponente.


oday, thanks to the collaboration with flower designers, architects and designers of great prestige, OLTREILGIARDINO is able to meet all the specific needs of spectacular fairs, private parties, fashion events, advertising campaigns, art exhibitions and film and television productions.


Perrier-Jouët is a historic, iconic Maison de Champagne with exceptional vineyards. It is known for the finesse, the flowery notes and the elegance of its wines, created thanks to the savoir-faire of its chef de cave – only seven since 1811.

0033 1 47 48 80 71


Frog lamps designed by Sara Moroni offer countless possible adjustments for both rotation and height, to take light everywhere, both indoors and out.


Like Drops from Heaven is the light installation comprising over thirty Flik lamps, designed by Karim Rashid, in Murano blown glass: a party of colours directly from the sky.


From lighting engineering for the nautical sector to production for the home and workplace: ED Pole lamp is an adjustable beam of light.

San Lorenzo

PAN999 cooking utensils, designed by Tobia Scarpa: electrochemical deposition patented by Argento Puro on Ferro Puro, to optimise times and quality of every kind of cooking. They are part of the ongoing adventure of San Lorenzo, where each article in silver is the form of research.

Telkì Milano

TELKI MILANO PHILOSOPHY An imaginary journey to Italy on the trail of precious traditions: the new Telki Milano collection with placemats, rugs, heat-resistant mats and coasters grasps the decorative and chromatic suggestions of the peninsula, reinterpreting them with a contemporary look.


VerdeVip® produces indoor and outdoor artificial plants, synthetic hedges and high quality artificial grass for interior designers, companies and individuals. Every day we work in harmony with nature, admiring its perfection to imitate it.


Exhibition Organizers and event management company. We have been planning, organizing, managing and communicating events, exhibitions and trade fairs for 20 years. We provide consulting and professional services in the design, furniture, accessory, garden and food industries.

Zanuso Legno S.r.l.

ZANUSO legno presents: The Table of Life – by Adriana Lohmann A reserve of precious essences, StoneOak® trunks and roots – the diamond among woods. After millennia under the soil, a material of unique beauty comes back to the surface enriched in the nobility and mystery given by time.

Zed Experience

Being outside, cooking and grilling with friends will become all the more pleasurable by having an outdoor kitchen at your disposal, equipped with a sink, a cooking top and a very practical table top. Characterized by a captivating design that recalls the elegance of geometric lines.


Piazza e Chiostro della Chiesa di San Marco
Piazza San Marco, 2

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