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Swedish Design Moves Milan / Hemma - Stories of home


Hemma - Stories of home

Hemma is at Home.

Someone just left the room. The coffee patch on the tablecloth has not dried. The bed is still warm. Lipstick on a whiskey glass. Fragments of a living, that tell the story of a life. We invite you to scenes from everyday life in a Swedish home.

Thanks to the initiative set up by the Swedish government in 2017 called Swedish Design Moves, Sweden has been steadily moving towards the global  diffusion of its lifestyle and vision of spaces relating to sociality. On the initiative of Visit Sweden, the Swedish Design Moves project will bring to Milan, in a unique location in the heart of Brera Design District, a selection of Swedish companies and designers who look at the future while trying to improve the lifestyles of the individual and of the community by a functional and aesthetic approach to space and furnishings.

The interpreter for contemporary Sweden will be Joyn Studio (founded by Lisa Grape, Helena Eliason and Ida Wanler), a small interior architecture studio with one great ambition: to put people in the right mood.

Press Preview - 16 Aprile (9.00 - 17.00)

Activities schedule

April 17
09:00 — 18:00 Exhibition
18:00 — 22:00 Cocktail party
April 18
09:00 — 19:00 Exhibition
April 19
09:00 — 19:00 Exhibition
April 20
09:00 — 19:00 Exhibition
April 21
09:00 — 19:00 Exhibition
April 22
09:00 — 19:00 Exhibition

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Swedish Design Moves


Balzan 4
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