Brera Design District Brera Design Week 2018 è un progetto di Brera Design District e Studiolabo
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Showroom Zimmer+Rohde

Via Fatebenefratelli, 13

Oradi di apertura

Lunedì 09–18:30 Martedì 09–18:30 Mercoledì 09–18:30 Giovedì 09–18:30 Venerdì 09–18:30 Sabato Chiuso Domenica Chiuso


+39 02 43 99 59 18

The Zimmer + Rohde label presents itself as a variation of the modern classic. Carefully coordinated colours and subtly combined designs exude long-lived and timeless elegance. Every atmosphere whether a belle époque villa or minimalist cubic, can be individually combined with Zimmer + Rohde.


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